Lowongan Perusahaan Sawit PT. Bumi Orion Sawit Sukses Juli 2012

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PT. Bumi Orion Sawit Sukses is a private oil palm plantation companies with a concession area of 20,000 ha in the Lower Kab.Indragiri – Riau, an area which is currently done in the form of greenfield. We currently require personnel who are reliable and professional surveyor to be able to grow and develop together. Placement at the garden site / nearby village.

1. Koordinator Surveyor
IDR 2000000 – 3750000 [All In]
Riau – Indragiri Hilir


  • Leading, coordinating, supervising, and reporting activities and results of the survey team shall:
  • Conduct survey / blocking area boundaries and natural boundaries
  • Tracing the trenches and inventory
  • Measurement and data collection community land ownership
  • Collection, processing, and printing maps of community ownership of land measuring
  • As a technical assistant in LC activity or opening ditches / canals
  • Determination of marker stakes and the point of planting
  • Data processing and mapping survey results and progress of work in the field


  • man
  • Work experience in the field of survey mapping min. 2 years
  • Proficient in the operation of GPS and Theodolite
  • Mastering the technique of using GIS (MapInfo, ArcGIS / ArcView and others)
  • Have a good team leadership skills
  • May make a written report and the work team activities to superiors
  • Hardworking, productive, honest and responsible
  • Proactive, strong initiative, and discipline
  • Able to work alone or as a team
  • Have physical and mental strength, ready to be placed in the field
  • Willing to live and be placed in the location of the garden / village nearest
  • Preferably with experience working in the field of oil palm plantations

2. Koordinator Kemitraan Sawit (Marketing Communication)
IDR 2500000 – 6000000 [All In]
Riau – Indragiri Hilir

Leading, coordinating, supervising, and reporting activities and the work of team members in the delivery of land to:

  • Socialization of the concept-based partnerships for cultivation of oil palm plantations KKPA to the local community
  • Persuasion and motivation to the local community to surrender land
  • Collection and follow the files and paperwork submission of land from landowners concerned
  • Coordination, supervision, and motivate teams in the land transfer duty and achieve specified targets
  • Develop performance target of land acquisition, realization, and evaluation of achievements.


  • Men aged at least 18 years
  • Background in marketing / communications
  • Have adequate leadership skills (planning, coordination, supervision, motivation)
  • Being able to develop programs and action plans that can be responsible for the team led
  • Able to approach and good relationships with local community leaders and government agencies
  • Neat and orderly administration
  • Preferably with experience in the delivery team plantation / forestry
  • Honest, determined, goal oriented, responsible, pro-active, self-motivated and have initiative to work and learn
  • Able to work under pressure to meet deadlines
  • Willing to live and be placed in the location of the garden
  • Preferably those from the Lower Kab.Indragiri

3. Ast Personalia Legal Humas
IDR 3000000 – 6000000 [All In]
Riau – Indragiri Hilir


  • Carry out general duties in the field of HRD personnel, the recruitment, motivation, counseling, administration, performance appraisal, and evaluation of labor
  • Propose and develop human resources and administrative systems that support the efficient and effective operation of the overall project
  • Handles and general permit are required to follow up the company, including the legality of land administration and plasma core with BPN and other relevant agencies to stage a land certificate / HGU
  • Analyze the legal subject and legal object in the form of legal analysis, analyzing the validity of legal documents for the land acquisition process, and supporting documents to determine which standards apply to the sale and purchase requirements in the acquisition of land
  • Providing legal opinions, minimizing the risk of the company by knowing the details of the legal loopholes that can be taken, and monitor and update the company’s legal documents, rules and regulations related to business enterprises
  • Seeking to resolve, mediate, and resolve issues of community relations issues that arise in the field, building rapport and familiarity with local communities, local agencies, and other external parties
  • Develop and prepare the administration, correspondence and processing of paperwork required in the implementation of legal duties, public relations, and personnel


  • Minimum education S1
  • Age maximum 45 years
  • The relevant field experience minimum 3 years (Preferred with experience in forestry or oil palm plantations)
  • Experienced in the management of HR functions within the company, control of Indonesia’s labor legislation.
  • Understanding the legal administrative procedures in the oil palm plantation project
  • Have administrative skills, good communication and public relations who
  • Able to operate Microsoft Office and other computer program with a good basis
  • Neat and orderly administration
  • Priorities for the coming of Riau Province
  • Willing to placement in the office Tembilahan, Kab. Indragiri Hilir, Riau Prov.

4. Kepala Surveyor (Ast.GIS)
IDR 3000000 – 6000000 [All In]
Riau – Indragiri Hilir


  • Collect and process the GPS data from the field surveyors
  • Directs, monitors, and evaluates the work of the survey coordinators
  • Examine the data and the reasonableness of the work measurement survey by the use of manpower in the field survey team
  • Create a map of the consolidated results of the survey and submit it to headquarters on a regular basis
  • Facilitate training in the use of hardware / software for survey team members
  • Digitization and rectification of satellite imagery and other raster data
  • Verification and mapping reports for the payment of BAPP
  • Create and print a map of the required attachments to complement the company’s official documents
  • Perform other mapping tasks given by the employer


  • Men, Minimal S1
  • Have min 3 years work experience as a senior / Ka. Surveyor
  • Mastering the techniques with GPS and Theodolite measurement in the field
  • Mastering GIS mapping software (Map Info, ArcGIS / ArcView, and AutoCAD)
  • Have the ability to manage administrative data neat and organized
  • Have the leadership and experience in leadership, management and coordination teams with a good survey
  • Hardworking, productive, and responsible
  • Dynamic, proactive and have strong initiative
  • Preferably with experience working in the field of oil palm plantations
  • Willing to placement on the location of the garden, Kab. Indragiri Hilir, Riau Prov.

Complete an application letter and CV , No. Tel and expected salary, Ijazah dan Transkip Nilai, Pas Poto, berwarna terbaru, Referensi kerja, Sertifikat Khusus
(Jika ada), serta Slip gaji Terakhir, Send by email to the address:


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